The Valtra N Series

The Valtra N Series represents Nordic practicality at its best, encouraging year-round use even in the most  demanding conditions. The N Series offers the very best performance and specifications in a balanced and functional package. 


Five-step powershift, load-sending hydraulics and excellent operator comfort.

Efficient and ergonomic CVT and load-sensing hydraulics.

HiTech 5
User-friendly five-step powershift and open centre hydraulics.

Reliable three-step powershift transmission and open centre hydraulics.

A smart package

The N Series with its compact design and power range up to 171 horsepower offers the ideal solution for most tasks on livestock and crop farms - as well as for municipal and forest applicatons in keeping with Valtra's philosophy. 

ModelTransmission hp (kW)
N93 HiTech, HiTech 5 99 (73)   
N103 HiTech, HiTech 5 111 (82)
N103.4 HiTech, HiTech 5 121 (89)
N113 HiTech, HiTech 5 130 (96)
N123  HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu, Direct   143 (105)
N143 HiTech, Versu, Direct 160 (118)
N163 Versu, Direct 171 (126)

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