• Fendt 200 Vario

    Fendt 200 Vario

    Since the introduction of the 200 Vario series, Fendt has set standards for absolute top technology in the area of specialty tractors. Experience the highest efficiency and productivity, as well as outstanding ride comfort, for wine, fruit and hops production with Fendt.

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  • Fendt 300 Vario

    Fendt 300 Vario

    The Fendt 300 has been very popular for decades due to its high quality, reliability and economy. Its ease of operation and extremely low fuel consumption has convinced 300er owners around the world. With the new top model, the 313 Vario, Fendt now offers these tractors with a maximum output of up to 135 hp.

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  • Fendt 500 Vario

    Fendt 500 Vario

    The 500 Vario brings together the best ideals in a completely new tractor series. The dimensions of the legendary 500, paired with an award-winning design, are visible signs of the technical progress. The combination of up to 165 hp maximum output with fuel-saving SCR technology brings high efficiency to a new performance class.

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  • Fendt 700 Vario

    Fendt 700 Vario

    Just being good is not enough. The perfect coordination of the tractor and operator is what produces successful results. To make your daily work a thing of perfection, Fendt have brought together all the best solutions in the new Fendt 700 Vario to build a perfected unit of power and manoeuvrability, precision, reliability, functionality and comfort.

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  • Fendt 800 Vario

    Fendt 800 Vario

    The new 800 Vario is the popular high-horsepower tractor that scores with its compactness, flexibility and performance. With up to 280 hp, they are not only powerful in the field, but also superior for transport work.

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  • Fendt 900 Vario

    Fendt 900 Vario

    The Fendt 900 Vario has been the leader on the tractor market for large-scale farms and contracting businesses since 1995. With a maximum output of 390 hp, the new 900 Vario can now do more and does it a lot easier, thanks to intelligent technology. Benefit from the leading high-horsepower tractor and invest in the new Fendt 900 Vario.

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